money airplaneSending Money Overseas from Australia

There are a variety of ways to send money abroad, and the cheapest way all depends on how much money you send and what country you are sending money to. Most of this can be done electronically via wire transfers or by using money transfer websites that have been created specifically for these purposes.

Note: There are other ways to wire transfer money abroad.

There are a number of different companies, from Western Union and MoneyGram to cheaper services (which may not be as safe), that you can use to send money overseas. The amount it costs to send money through this method is based on how much of a percentage the particular wire transfer service charges and what the cost is to send money to a specific country.

For example, it is more expensive to transfer money to a third world country than it is to a first world country. Sending money abroad in this way should be weighed by how much you send and how much it is really worth to you.

PayPal and other online sites

Using a site like PayPal or other smaller web sites that provide secure electronic wire – transfers, may be the safest, cheapest and most effective way to send money abroad. It is completely free to send an amount under $ 500 to anyone who has an account with PayPal, who is based in the United States. For transfers of more than $ 500, a percentage is taken out of the transfer by PayPal, but this is a reasonable fee when compared to other classic wire transfer sites. The advantage of using these web sites is that they are very safe because their entire business is based on keeping its customers safe and secure by keeping hackers and electronic thieves out.